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“Our building design has provided our patients with an escape from traditional dentistry, and doubled our production in the last year.” - Dr. John Poczatek, McCalla Family Dentistry

“I am delighted with my new orthodontic office and how painless you all made the entire process.” “I definitely benefited from your knowledge of room size, working distance between chairs and cabinets, and details that are too numerous to list.” - Dr. Timothy Shaughnessy

“Patients compliment our office daily and tell us “this is the nicest office I have ever been in.” - Dr. Sam Mumpower

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The Basic Dental Design Services is an economical
dental space-planning package that is offered exclusively
through Atlanta Dental Supply. This service has been
developed as a professional answer to the drafting services
that have traditionally been offered by dental supply
companies & is coordinated with the unique services
of an Atlanta Dental Equipment Specialist.

Atlanta Dental Rebate Program

Your Equipment Purchase can completely offset the Basic
Dental Design Fee. See your Atlanta Dental representative
on how the equipment voucher program can apply.
Architecture, Interior Design & Engineering Packages are available for an extra fee.

Atlanta Dental offers more choices for your equipment selection and adds value to your investment through an experienced, dependable team of Equipment Specialists and Installers. Whether you are adding or replacing operatory equipment, contemplating an expansion or new office, or adding technology to your practice, we will assist you with the information and guidance you need and remain focused on the details and coordination of your project.
  • Proven Dental Space Planning
  • Ergonomic Focused Planning
  • Treatment Room Design
  • Equipment Detailing
  • Basic Office Electrical Plan
  • Basic Office Plumbing Plan
  • Cabinet Elevations
  • Technology Planning
Above are all key components of this package and are at the base line of the Dental Architecture Service. The Basic Dental Design Package does not include an Architectural Stamp, engineering drawings, Interior Design “décor”, special interior architectural details, or exterior design that are available in other packages from Atlanta Design.



Not only does Atlanta Dental offer the widest variety of digital pans, sensors, phosphor scanning systems and cameras, but we also are experienced in implementing the newest technology, including Cone Beam and Volumetric Tomography. Do you feel trapped when it comes to software decisions? Our software truly gives you the “power to manage” your practice, and the “freedom
to choose” the digital products of your choice.


Atlanta Dental service technicians are known for giving longer life to your dental equipment. They are factory trained and standing by with a large inventory of parts to speed up the repairs needed to keep your treatment rooms in optimal working order. We also offer generous discounts and priority dispatching for our Platinum and Platinum Plus merchandise customers.