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The Professional Choice for Designing Your Next Office is Clear

“Just a note to congratulate you on what a wonderful group of people and talented group of people you have working for you!" -Dr. Clark Browne

“Our building design has provided our patients with an escape from traditional dentistry, and doubled our production in the last year.” - Dr. John Poczatek, McCalla Family Dentistry

“Patients compliment our office daily and tell us “this is the nicest office I have ever been in.” - Dr. Sam Mumpower

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Our 20 years of experience has given us a unique insight into understanding your needs so well that the environment we design for you will be aesthetically pleasing, express your style and taste, and more.

The Atlanta Design team of architects and interior designers take the process a step further because, like you, our specialty is dentistry.

Our level of commitment to your success is unparalleled. As a team we are uniquely skilled in creating a work space for your practice that goes beyond visual appeal. We start by helping you evaluate your site and sometimes even find your new location. Then we design a space that is not only functional but also flexible enough to meet your future needs.

We are anxious to show you the impact that a relationship with Atlanta Design Associates will have on your new facility and the future of your practice. Contact us at 678.584.4500

Exterior Architecture Services are also available for clients developing a new building. This service provides a totally coordinated architectural package that is truly unique in the dental profession. Atlanta Design is ready to begin the process of creating your new environment. Outheast’s most experienced dental Atlanta Design is a professional architectural design firm with over 20 years of dental design experience. We are registered in 7 southeastern states and are the only nationally recognized architectural / interior design firm specifically focused on the dental community. With three registered architects and two professional interior designers, we ensure that you will have the latest information and the best products to fit your budget and personal style.

Project Management Services are available for the client that is looking for a Full Service consulting approach to the design/construction process. Our Feasibility Study Service explores strategic practice planning, project budgeting and location comparisons. Atlanta Design also assists with construction management services and relocation consultation. Because of the time required by our experienced staff for these services, only a limited number of projects can be scheduled.