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Providing Professional Design Services To The
Dental Profession For 30 YEARS

In 1986, the corporation of Atlanta Design Associates, Inc. (ADA) was created to specialize in full service health care architecture with a special emphasis on dental facilities. ADA was organized and is principally owned by Gary Kirkus and Gary Lowery, two individuals with a combined 60+ years of dental project experience. ADA has been involved in well over two thousand projects, with current projects in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama. ADA was created with the support of Atlanta Dental Supply Company, a respected name in the dental industry.

ADA is committed to advancing into the 21st century with state-of-the-art technology which would enable us to efficiently develop our projects. ADA produces working drawings via AutoCAD, an industry standard design-based software. We realize however that as proficient as computers may be, it still cannot diminish nor replace hands-on practical experience. ADA has an accumulated experience base of over 100 years in all areas of design and construction. Our success has been driven by solid philosophies, talented people, and superior design technology.

Today Atlanta Design has moved to offering a list of Architectural consulting services that is unique for today’s Dental Practice. These services allow ADA to work with a larger number of clients in all the diverse code jurisdictions throughout the southeast. Atlanta Design works alongside qualified contractors & other design & engineering professionals to assist our clients in reaching their practice goals.

Atlanta Design Associates has served Dentistry for over 30 years by providing Dental Office Design & Architectural Design consulting services to the Dental Profession. ADA is one of the most experienced & comprehensive dental design firms in the country. As technology, the economy, & communication methods continue to evolve, our founding principles continue to be a significant factor in the projects which we are privileged to be a part of.

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